Kids with EcoSys mascotsTeaching the sur­round­ing farm­ers and ranch­ers and com­mu­ni­ties about their neigh­bor, the chee­tah, is an ongo­ing role for ACK. We work with schools to help our young peo­ple develop a respect and aware­ness of the cheetah’s lifestyle and to help cor­rect some of the fears and myths sur­round­ing him.

Here are some exam­ples and goals of our edu­ca­tion & aware­ness programmes:

  • Continue the devel­op­ment of edu­ca­tion and aware­ness pro­grammes and mate­ri­als for pri­mary, sec­ondary, local adult, and tourism sectors;
  • Conduct envi­ron­men­tal edu­ca­tion and video pre­sen­ta­tions at schools in the Salama and Samburu region includ­ing pro­gramme mon­i­tor­ing and evaluation;
  • Continue the devel­op­ment of local and inter­na­tional stu­dent intern pro­grammes by iden­ti­fy­ing study sites and focus projects with KWS and other stake­hold­ers, fol­low­ing the Wild Dog and Cheetah Strategic Plan;
  • Participate in the KWS Large Carnivore Working Group and CaLL to pro­mote links with other preda­tor projects in Kenya, for the ben­e­fit of ecosys­tem preservation.