Apiculture Seminar - Participants learing to handle beesWorking with the sur­round­ing com­mu­ni­ties has proven to be reward­ing and enlight­en­ing. In an effort to help locals coex­ist hap­pily with the chee­tah and wildlife pop­u­la­tion, our pro­grammes have extended to projects that are envi­ron­men­tally sus­tain­able and also offer an alter­nate resource for income.
Some exam­ples include:

  • Monitoring Kiu Livestock Dip Project which helps keep the live­stock healthy and free of pests and diseases;
  • Developing a Craft Sales Programme to cre­ate a busi­ness which offers an out­let to community-based crafts relat­ing to wildlife and the environment;
  • Linking with Eco-Sys Wana Duma to launch micro-financing projects that are sus­tain­able for the envi­ron­ment and economy;
  • Improving tree and bee­keep­ing pro­grammes to pro­mote envi­ron­men­tal caretaking.